Winter-Proofing Your Garage Door

Don’t let the fall weather fool you! Winter is well on its way, so that means it is time to prep your garage doors for the chilly season, schedule needed repairs, and hopefully keep any new repair needs at bay. By winter-proofing your garage door, you can create a more comfortable space while also protecting your garage from moisture damage throughout these colder months. Here’s a few things you can do!

Check Your Weather Seal!

If you want to keep cold air out and trap heat in, you need a good weather seal. It may be time to replace the weather seal on your garage door if there is a gap between the bottom of the garage door and the driveway when the door is closed. Replacing the weather stripping on your garage doors will make your garage cheaper to heat during the winter too! 

Show The Cold The Door

As we all know, garages can get a bit chiller than the rest of your home in the winter. If you have an energy efficient insulated garage door, an unheated garage can be 10-20 degrees warmer on a bitter winter day than if you didn’t have one. It’s important to stay toasty while keeping that cold out and about where it is supposed to be.

Have A Smooth Door Opening And Closing!

Winter weather can be tough, especially on your garage door springs. Even if your garage door has seen better days, it should still open and close smoothly. We recommend that you lubricate your garage door springs every month during the cold seasons. Doing this will help your garage door operate smoothly and  last longer! On top of that, visually inspect your garage door’s hardware for any wear and tear that can be attended to. Any loose bolts should be tightened and any missing bolts replaced immediately on the door and track supports. 

The bottom brackets, cables, pulleys and springs are under great tension and you should NEVER attempt to do yourself. You should always call in the professionals. Luckily, Deluxe Door Systems is ready for your call!

We do Garage Door Repair in and around the Columbus area, from Hilliard to Pickerington, Bexley to Upper Arlington, Worthington to Grove City, and everywhere in between. We’d love to help make your day a little better with a quick, honest, and straightforward garage door repair.

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