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Garage Door Opener Beeping After Power Outage

You know how it goes. You hear a click. The whole house goes dark. You scramble for a flash light. You wonder if the frozen peas stand a chance. Then the heavens open and you hear the beep of electricity come back. *The crowd cheers.* (So do the peas.) Only…… the beeping doesn’t stop. It’s […] Read More

5 Storage Tips To Declutter Your Chaotic Garage

If your garage is feeling cluttered and chaotic, here’s 5 tried and true storage tips that will help you whip that garage into shape for the summer fun ahead. Remember to continually check in with what’s working for you and what’s not. We are all about getting your garage door all fresh and pretty with […] Read More

Get More Bang For Your Tax Refund Bucks

If you’re looking to make a real improvement to your house’s overall look & feel, a new garage door can really do wonders. Here’s a few reasons why you should invest In a new garage door with your tax refund. If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, lower your energy bills, and up […] Read More

How to Reset Your Garage Door After Power Outage

Power outages can often leave you with an unresponsive garage door. If that happens, here are some tips on how you can manually use the garage door in a power outage and how to reset a garage door after regaining power. Please proceed with utmost caution! You should NEVER have to use brute force to […] Read More

Frozen: Garage Door Edition

Many of us know Frozen: The Movie, but if you’ve ever lived in Ohio throughout the winter, there’s a chance you’ve been acquainted with Frozen: The Garage Door. Not sure of your garage door is truly frozen? Some telltale signs of your garage door being frozen to the concrete are if ice or snow are […] Read More

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