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Why Invest in Clopay Garage Doors

We’re pretty picky when it comes to the products we carry. Because ultimately, our business does better when we make customers happy. And customers are most happy when they rarely have to see our faces because their garage door looks timeless and opens like butter. You are probably already familiar with the garage opener brand […] Read More

Why We Install LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Is your old garage door opener on its last legs? It might be time to consider a replacement, and if you’re looking for reliability, advanced technology, and great value, LiftMaster garage door openers are the best choice. If we were a smart but horrible garage door company, we’d install a mediocre garage door opener that […] Read More

Troubleshooting the Halfway Hitch: Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close Completely

Is your garage door playing hard to close? It can be frustrating and, more importantly, a potential security risk. Let’s explore some common reasons why your garage door won’t close all the way. If any of these feel too big for your britches… or if you’d just rather leave it up to us garage door […] Read More

How to Reprogram Your Garage Door Keypad

Your garage door keypad is a convenient and secure way to access your garage without the need for keys or a remote control. However, there are times when you may need to reprogram it, whether you’ve forgotten the code or want to enhance security. (Or, as we’ve heard from homeowners, sometimes it just stops working!?) […] Read More

How to Fix a Squeaky Garage Door

Prepping for Cold Weather and Squeaky Garage Door Springs As the colder months approach, ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly becomes even more crucial. A well-maintained garage door not only provides convenience but also helps keep your home energy-efficient by preventing cold drafts from entering. One common issue many homeowners face during winter is […] Read More

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