How to Fix a Squeaky Garage Door

Prepping for Cold Weather and Squeaky Garage Door Springs

As the colder months approach, ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly becomes even more crucial. A well-maintained garage door not only provides convenience but also helps keep your home energy-efficient by preventing cold drafts from entering. One common issue many homeowners face during winter is a squeaky garage door. To tackle this problem and prepare your garage door for colder weather, follow our simple guide on how to grease your garage door rollers and spring.

Why Winter Maintenance Matters

Before we dive into the steps for greasing your garage door components, let’s understand why winter maintenance is essential. Cold temperatures can cause lubricants to thicken, making your garage door more prone to squeaking and sluggish operation. Proper maintenance helps prevent these issues, ensuring that your garage door functions smoothly throughout the winter.

Materials You’ll Need

Before you get started, gather the following materials:

  1. Silicone-based garage door lubricant
  2. Rag or cloth
  3. Wrench or pliers
  4. Safety gloves and goggles
  5. Ladder

Steps to Grease Your Garage Door Rollers and Spring

  1. Safety First: Put on your safety gloves and goggles before beginning any maintenance tasks.
  2. Disconnect the Opener: Unplug your garage door opener to ensure no accidental activation during maintenance.
  3. Check for Wear: Inspect the rollers, springs, and hinges for signs of wear or damage. Replace any parts that look compromised.
  4. Clean the Rollers: Use a rag or cloth to clean the rollers, removing dirt and debris that might affect their performance.
  5. Apply Lubricant: Apply a silicone-based garage door lubricant to the rollers, hinges, and springs. Be generous but not excessive.
  6. Move the Door: Manually open and close the garage door a few times to evenly distribute the lubricant.
  7. Lubricate Other Parts: Don’t forget to lubricate other moving parts, such as the tracks and pulleys, if applicable.
  8. Tighten Loose Parts: Check for any loose bolts or nuts and tighten them with a wrench or pliers.
  9. Reconnect the Opener: Once you’ve completed the maintenance, plug the garage door opener back in.

By following these steps, you can keep your garage door running smoothly, even in the coldest of winters. Regular maintenance not only prevents a squeaky garage door but also extends its lifespan, saving you money on repairs in the long run. So, take a little time to grease those rollers and springs, and enjoy a hassle-free winter with your well-maintained garage door.

When your garage door gets grumpy and greasing just doesn’t do the trick, Deluxe Door Systems is here for you.

* Please note that Deluxe Door Systems is in no way responsible for any potential injuries caused by homeowners maintaining their garage doors. If you feel unable to care for yours, we’d love to help.

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