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It can be hard finding a new garage door.

How do you pick the right garage door for your house…
And how do you know if you’re getting duped or overcharged?

It brings to mind a friend of ours and an experience she had recently with a towing company.

Kait left her car dome light on overnight, and the next morning, her battery was drained. (We promise it’ll make sense why we’re sharing this story… Hang with us.) Two people tried to jump it, but no luck. So she started calling towing companies. After calling about 5-6 seemingly large-and-in-charge companies, she heard the SAME exact music while she was on hold. Turns out they were all under the same umbrella, and they were going to charge her a FORTUNE to get a tow.

She took the time to call a few smaller companies. No one picked up. No surprise.

Finally she called a medium-size company (this is starting to sound like a Goldilocks remix), and immediately got an answer. The office manager was kind and helpful, and she didn’t do an audible sigh when Kait asked a dozen of her own questions.

Done. Kait knew she wanted to work with those people. And sure enough she had an awesome experience. The service tech who showed up was able to jump her car and recommended she drive to an auto parts store, saving her a bunch of money overall.

We like to think of ourselves as that medium-and-just-the-right-fit garage door company.

Why you should use Deluxe instead of the Joe Shmoe Tiny Garage Door Co. or that BIG Garage Door business that’s taken over every city in America?

  1. Jen. When you call, you get Jen, our Office Manager. She’s the backbone of our team. You’re allowed to ask her any question. Literally. ANYTHING. She’ll help you out. And if she doesn’t know, she’ll ask one of our pros for the answer.
  2. 30+ years. We have 30+ years experience in Columbus. So when you have us come out to fix your garage door or install a new one, we know what we’re doing. And we do it super fast.
  3. Clopay. We ONLY use Clopay (top-of-the-line designer garage doors) that last a really, really long time. Because we’ve seen how the cheap stuff wears down over time, and that’s not cool.
  4. Jeff. We don’t overcharge you. Because we’re well-established and because we run a good company. Our owner Jeff Mays wouldn’t have it any other way.
  5. Down-to-Earth. We’re all simple, down-to-earth, honest folks. Just like Jeff.

Considering we’v been around for 30+ years, there’s a good chance we’ve probably installed some garage doors on your own block. In fact, maybe Peggy’s your neighbor… We just installed her garage door this June. Here’s what she had to say:

Had the pleasure of getting new garage doors and chose Deluxe door systems. They came highly recommended by a friend. When I researched and compared them with other local companies , I chose Deluxe. My experience with the salesman Nick was good. He was knowledgeable and explained how long it would be and was very accurate about that. The installation went well and the doors look great.

Peggy from Columbus

Clopay Garage Door & Entry Door Styles

We have high expectations for our business and the footprint we make in Columbus. We only install Clopay garage doors and front doors, because Clopay is a leading manufacturer in the USA.

And because they create some of the most visually stunning (but reliable) doors on the market. Check out some of our Columbus Clopay designer garage and front door styles:

See something you like?

Explore our garage and front door styles and see which one best fits your home. All made in the USA. All available to see up close and personal at our Worthington Garage Door Showroom.

We’re Deluxe Door Systems. We’ve been doing garage door installation in and around Columbus for 30+ years, in Westerville, Bexley, Clintonville, Powell, Delaware, Gahanna, Worthington, Pataskala, Grove City, New Albany, Upper Arlington, and more. We look forward to helping you transform the look of your home!

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