There are a lot of garage door repairs that you can’t do, but we found one that you may be able to tackle. A good option is checking the owner’s manual for instructions on how to set your garage door limits. If that doesn’t work or you can’t find it, either call us or just keep reading…

Garage door force and travel“limits” tell your garage door how far it needs to open and how far it needs to close. Sometimes they malfunction, which leaves you with a frustrating garage door that you just wanna kick.

For instance, maybe you’re the person whose garage door is hitting the ground and then coming back up immediately. Your garage door opener is sensing that the ground is an “obstruction” because the limits aren’t set properly. Since your garage door opener is taught to open back up when there’s an obstruction, it immediately pops right back open. It also could be that your garage door is having trouble opening versus closing. Either way, something’s off.

This means you need to adjust the limit switch.

Here’s the gist of what you’ll be doing on your DIY garage door opener adventure. You’ll need a stepladder, a flathead screwdriver, and some pump-up music (for confidence, of course):

You’ll watch your garage door as it opens and closes. If the problem occurs when you’re putting the garage door up, then the “up-limit switch / force adjustment screw” needs tweaked. If there’s a glitch when you’re putting it down, then obviously it’s the “down limit switch / force adjustment screw” that needs adjusted. You’ll adjust the garage door opener limit switch accordingly by rotating the force adjustment screws in the proper direction. You probably won’t need to rotate the screws more than once or twice. Here are some pictures of what a limit switch looks like if you’re unfamiliar with the term. We HIGHLY recommend you tackle this garage door conundrum by referring to what LiftMaster has to say. You’ll find LiftMaster resources here that will help you make the proper adjustments to your garage door opener limits in the safest way possible.

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