Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our garage door repair team has been eating better, lifting heavier, and training hard to gear up for this season. Every year in October, we start to get dozens of emergency repair calls from customers asking for a garage door spring replacement.They have a perfectly healthy garage door. But over time, Ohio does what Ohio does best – throws you a roller coaster of temperatures in the course of a few weeks. While you’re busy turning your AC and heat on and off, your garage door is expanding and contracting. Those poor little garage door springs…

The four tell-tale signs of a broken garage door spring.

  1. “My garage door opens a few inches and then slams down again.”
  2. “My garage door is crooked on the top / looks misaligned.”
  3. “My garage door spring has dangling cords or cables.”
  4. “My garage door is off the tracks.”

What to do about it.

Sure – there’s a chance you could find a YouTube DIY video. However, we do believe your SAFEST option is to call a garage door repair team to fix this. (This is where we put a plug in for ourselves.) We have been doing Columbus garage door spring replacement for over 25 years. And we know those little trouble makers like the back of our hand. Anything you’ve got going on can be fixed quick, straightforward, and honest. We’d love to help!

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