Garage Door Not Closing

When your grumpy garage door is being sort of “stuck up” and not closing, there’s a good chance it’s one of these problems.

Garage door opener batteries might be dead.

Before you get too deep in the weeds trouble-shooting, tackle the easiest possibility first and check your batteries to see if your garage door remote is the problem.

Garage door sensors might be blocked or dirty.

Make sure nothing’s obstructing the path of your garage door sensors. And if you don’t see anything in the way, try wiping the sensors off with a soft damp cloth. Then try closing your garage door again.

Stumped? Consult a pro.

If none of your valiant efforts are working, don’t sweat it. It takes years to be a garage door hero, and thankfully we’ve got 30 under our belt. We’d love to come out and see what that grumpy garage door is up to and fix it quick, straightforward, and honest. We do garage door repair in Central Ohio and would love a chance to get you back on track and earn your business.

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