Frozen: Garage Door Edition

Many of us know Frozen: The Movie, but if you’ve ever lived in Ohio throughout the winter, there’s a chance you’ve been acquainted with Frozen: The Garage Door.

Not sure of your garage door is truly frozen? Some telltale signs of your garage door being frozen to the concrete are if ice or snow are crowded around the bottom of the door. If your bottom weather seal sits in water or wet snow, it can eventually freeze when the temperature drops, putting a real damper in your day.

To fix your frozen garage door, you can use warm water to melt the ice or gently chip away at the ice. Don’t try and rush the process, as patience makes even the worst frozen door functional again. After that, raise your garage door. Cleaning and drying the surrounding area prevents the door from refreezing.

It is also very important to know what not to do when you have a frozen garage door on your hands.

Do not try to force your door open and break the ice, unless you want to trade one temporary problem for another more permanent one. Forcing your garage door open could easily rip your weather seal, allowing water, cold air, and snow into your garage.

Do not use ice melt on your door, as it can cause damage to the garage door, especially if yours is made of metal. If ice melt gets on your door during the winter months, be sure to clean the door as soon as you can to save it from experiencing any further damage.

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