If your garage door is being a drama-queen now — it’s only gonna get worse when the cold hits.

Maybe it’s cranky and clanky.
Or it’s making annoying screeching sounds while acting all….. up and down.
Or maybe when you need your garage door to do something, it’s just…… “stuck up.” (Get it?)

In all seriousness, the reason we know they’re such a pain is because our team has been Columbus’ go-to garage door fixer for over 25 Ohio winters.

And if there’s ever a time for your “garage door drama queen” to act up, it’s coming up real soon.


One of the easiest ways you can save money and time during the winter season is with a garage door tune-up. The goal is pretty simple. You see us for a very short period of time for a quick tune-up. Then you hopefully won’t have to see our faces for a very long time.

A simple garage door tune-up helps detect and prevent:

  • Worn-out garage door springs (the most common issue we see in the winter)
  • Warped frame (improper alignment / warping causes your garage door to stop going up or down)
  • Other common winter issues (screeching and squealing noises, torn weather stripping which contributes to heat-loss, etc.)

Now’s the time to schedule one before your drama queen throws a full-out winter tantrum.

We’re Deluxe Door Systems.
We fix garage doors for less than we should all across Columbus and the surrounding areas.
We’ll make your neighbors jealous with new doors that will totally change the look of your home.
And we can help you get ready for Ohio winters.

You can reach out for more information, or to set up an appointment to get your garage door under control before winter hits.

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